Debt Recovery Law and Additional Services

Ivy Solicitors is a specialist in debt recovery matters. Debt recovery often involves situations where you have provided goods or services but have not been paid. Our lawyers will look at the contract in place, assess other relevant factors, and advise you on your best option going forward. Other areas of debt recovery work that we cover include:

  • Contractual Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Debt Recovery
  • Injunctions
  • Insolvency & Bankruptcy
  • Possession of Property Claims
  • Relief from Forfeiture Claims
  • Eviction of Residential & Commercial Tenants

Where you instruct us to recover an outstanding debt on your behalf, it is likely that we will begin pre-action negotiations to try to come to an amicable settlement before taking the last option of going to court. We also encourage parties to try Alternative Dispute Resolution, a form of mediation and arbitration, where feasible. Where a matter does go to court, our team of expert solicitors can assist in enforcing judgments, obtaining charging orders and other such orders as necessary. We can also represent you if you are disputing or defending a claim made against you or your business.

The exact costs of a matter will depend on the circumstances of your matter, and we will endeavour to give you an accurate idea of costs at the beginning of the matter once we have the necessary information from you.

Our Fees:

Your matter will be charged at an hourly rate which varies according to the level of experience and qualification of the fee earner dealing with your matter. Our fee earner rates start from £185.00 plus VAT up to £242.00 plus VAT. VAT is charged at 20%. We base our charges on the time spent on your matter, and we will set this out in your invoice.


Please note that disbursements are not included in our estimates. These are fixed costs that include things like Court Fees, Application Fees and the fees of third parties who may become involved in the matter.


How long your matter will take depends entirely on how much the other side is willing to cooperate. If a matter cannot be resolved outside court, and you wish to issue a claim, it can take up to and in excess of 42 weeks for the matter to be resolved. This does not include any enforcement action.


We also provide efficient professional legal services in the following areas of law:

  • Undefended Divorce
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Change of Name Deeds

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