We Are Ivy Solicitors

Ivy Solicitors is an award winning Law Firm based in Chingford. The Company was formed by Ms Gulcin Gokciler in 2010 as a boutique local Immigration Law Firm.

Since it’s establishment in 2010, Ivy Solicitors has grown tremendously in aid to support the ever demanding services from our communities.

Whether you need the guidance of one of our specialist Solicitors or an application to be submitted, we always work within the time frame required to achieve the absolute best outcome for our clients.

Corporate or Private, our clients have a piece of mind knowing that they are in the safest of hands, our aim is to take the stress away from you, so we never spring up any fees, outside of our spoken and agreed sum for the service(s) provided.

Our clients confidentiality is at the forefront of our ethics, we preach the right for such and never disclose any information without your written consent.

We work to build lasting relationships with our clients, always able to provide you with the most updated advice, our team are ambitious & friendly, always pushing to better your best interest.

In August 2016, Ivy Solicitors was incorporated as a registered company, Registration Number: 10334554.